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11. April 2013

Update on Victor Cheng and Tom Benson Needs your Support‏!

Show of Support Request-The People Need to Come Together

Victor Cheng Update and Tom Benson Needs Your Support

Yesterday at Victor Cheng’s court hearing, Tom Benson was arrested on an EFT related charge.   Please show up today at:


4100 Main Street, Riverside, Ca. 92501

Time:  1:30
Date: 4-11-2013

Victor’s Court next appearance:  May 15, 2013 – Please show up in support as “The People”.  Update  Below. 

Superior Court of California

County of Riverside( Southwest)


Victor Cheng

Case #: SWF 1300119

Location: Superior Court of California – Southwest
Address: 30755 Auld Rd, Murrieta, CA 92563
Date: April 10, 2013
Time: 9:00 am

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4-10-2013 Update:  Victor Cheng was arrested for moving back into his property nearly 18 months after his eviction from an unlawful foreclosure. The house was in his name due to the Accepting of his deed.  He has had multiple arraignment hearings.  His original DA was NOT certified with an Oath of Office on file.  The refiled the charges on April 4th with a new DA and did a new complaint.  They have gone way past 60 days for a speedy trial and he has not waived time or consented into the jurisdiction of the court.  Today in court, they continued to enter pleas on his behalf without establishing subject matter jurisdiction or even dealing with that question.  The bailiffs kicked out one of the People for writing on his papers (Taking notes) alleging that he talked.  The bailiffs were standing at the end of the aisle facing the aisle trying to intimidate.  There is a big push against “The people” and that includes people that are Christians in general.  See article here.…ent/2138821574065601Previous Hearing:  What the people saw in court last time can happen to anyone of us.  They try to Railroad us and Push the trial through.  They use deception and trickery to prove their points .  We have to support this man because today they tried to Convict him behind closed doors thinking they can remove his only person there as a witness.  We had two people see the deception so they had to continue the game.  We Need a FULL Courtroom to show these criminals we will support and defend each other from their criminal activities and Hold them Liable.

Note:  After all events, we will have an Affidavit of Events meeting.  We are intending to have a special local Sheriff and Federal Law Enforcement there to witness any unlawful acts.  They have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure due process is not violated.

30. June 2012

Jeff Merkley, Oregon Senator Takes on the Banks‏

Editor’s Notes (from Neil Garfield):  

Hat Tip to Nancie Koerber, whose efforts in Oregon have achieved more traction than virtually any other group in the nation. I endorse this petition. Senator Jeff Merkley’s efforts could have national implications if we the people get on this drive and enforce it through petitions and letters. I have often said in my speaking engagements and in my meetings with politicians, that if they really want to win big, they should capitalize on the one common idea about which all sides of the political spectrum are in agreement: the Banks did this to us and we should stop them. This applies to all politicians — Democrat, Republican, Independent and minor parties. Any politician who fails to grasp this essential truth of the American psyche is putting their political career behind them, not in front of them.

There is a lot of anger out there which has not been focused or directed at any particular result. This petition basically seeks to re-establish the protection of bank deposits from the whims of bankers who want to gamble with what is left of their money. It’s not the same as Glass-Steagal but it seeks the same result.

This is not a theoretical argument. banks were allowed to be created so that people would have a safe place to keep their money and the banks were allowed to lend out a percentage of that money to make a profit and pay expenses. Banking was never intended to be a vehicle for paying $10 million bonuses at the expense of protected pension funds, homeowners and consumers.

Investment firms were allowed to exist because they created a marketplace in which access to capital was easier than without that marketplace. The purpose was to fuel an expanding economy. It was never intended that brokerage firms would be a vehicle for draining wealth out of the economy. The very fact that we have that result indicates that the current investment bank infrastructure needs to be revamped.

It’s like driving a car. When you turn the key you expect the car to start. When you step on the accelerator you expect the car to move. But none of that can happen if there is no gas in the tank to drive the engine that turns on when you turn the key and makes the engine work when you press the accelerator. Until Glass-Steagal was repealed, we had the right infrastructure, more or less, for capital creation and access to capital. Then the whole model was turned upside down and the wealth drained from the economy into the investment banks. Now the Banks want to keep it upside down, meaning their goal is no longer to provide capital but to take it, converting our capitalist society into a fascist society. Look up the terms and you’ll see what I mean.

It is all up to you. The Banks have legislators by the throats and law enforcement is all tangled up in politics and “Settlements” that prevent them from acting properly. In the Savings and Loan crisis in the 1980’s, similar behavior landed more than 800 people in jail. This time we have nothing because some of the behavior was made legal. The excuse for not prosecuting fraud, forgery, fabrication and false recording of false documents with false information in them is yet to be explained.

And the remedy for the 5 million foreclosures that have been “closed out” is not yet in public discourse. I intend to make it central to public discourse because the return of property or money to the victims of this heinous economic crime is essential to the recovery of our economy. Right now, the financial services sector accounts for about half of our reported Gross Domestic Product whereas thirty years ago it accounted for 16%. They have tripled their size and influence at the expense of real economic activity, which has been replaced by trading fabricated documents and declaring false profits.

For those of you who like the idea of slavery, keep voting with the politicians who remove restrictions from the banks’ activities. If you think slavery was not a good idea, then sign this petition and start a few of your own. The physical chains of our immoral history allowing and promoting the trading of people as property has been replaced by the trading of people as property through derivatives and other false instruments. The net result is the same. Changing the title from plantation owner to banker does little to expand the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. With an increasing number of people earning less out of our economic growth than any other time in history and replacing earnings with debt, we are now subject to a system of slavery that is enforced by the government.

Below is an email from your U.S. Senator, Jeff Merkley (D-OR). Sen. Merkley created a petition on, the nonprofit site that allows anyone to start their own online petition. If you have concerns or feedback about this petition, click here

Dear Oregon MoveOn member,

Bankers on Wall Street wrecked our economy by taking reckless risks in pursuit of massive paydays. And, as J.P. Morgan has made clear, Wall Street learned nothing and is still gambling.

If you agree that gambling should happen in hedge funds, not in the federally insured banks that families and small businesses depend on, click here to sign my petition:

I successfully fought, with your help, for a ban on high-risk trading by big Wall Street banks. This rule, called the Volcker rule firewall, is meant to ensure that when Wall Street’s bad bets blow up, you and I don’t get burned again. But for the last two years, Wall Street’s legion of lobbyists have been trying to blow holes in that firewall.

Wall Street lobbyists want the Fed to write the J.P. Morgan loophole into law. We can’t let that happen. And with your help, we won’t.

Please add your name to my petition urging Ben Bernanke and the Fed to close down the JP Morgan loophole.


–U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR)

31. May 2012

Lawyer and Broker Plead Guilty in Scheme to Obtain More Than $2.6 Million in Home Loans Through Fraudulent Applications

   TRENTON – Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa announced that a lawyer and an investment broker from Monmouth County have pleaded guilty for their roles in a scheme to steal more than $2.6 million from lenders by filing fraudulent mortgage loan applications.
The lawyer, Mark J. Bellotti, 55, of Marlboro, pleaded guilty yesterday to second-degree charges of conspiracy and theft by deception before Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mellaci Jr. in Monmouth County. Under his plea agreement, the state will recommend that Bellotti be sentenced to five years in state prison and be ordered to pay a fine of $100,000.

The broker, Jonathan P. Domash, 41, of Marlboro, owner of Diversified Assets, LLC, pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of third-degree theft by deception. Under his plea agreement, the state will recommend that Domash be sentenced to 364 days in jail and five years of probation.

In pleading guilty, Bellotti and Domash admitted that they conspired to falsify mortgage loan applications to cause banks to provide loans to unqualified home buyers. The two men were charged in an April 11, 2011 state grand jury indictment stemming from an investigation by the Division of Criminal Justice Financial & Computer Crimes Bureau. Deputy Attorney General Valerie A. Noto took the guilty pleas for the Division of Criminal Justice.

“These defendants exploited all parties to these fraudulently arranged mortgage loans, dooming unqualified home buyers to foreclosure and lenders to major losses, while they ran off with enormous fees,” said Attorney General Chiesa. “With these guilty pleas, we are putting these con artists behind bars, where they belong.”

“We’re aggressively targeting financial fraud, which is particularly destructive during this time of economic turmoil, when many are vulnerable and may jump too quickly at a chance to get ahead,” said Stephen J. Taylor, Director of the Division of Criminal Justice. “We urge investors to use caution and report suspicious schemes to us.”

The indictment charged Bellotti and Domash in connection with seven mortgage loans totaling $2,671,400. A third defendant named in the indictment, Leonardo A. Hernandez, 40, of Hillsborough, pleaded guilty yesterday to an amended count of the indictment charging theft by deception as a disorderly persons offense. He admitted that he submitted false information and documents in connection with several of the loans. Hernandez faces a sentence of probation. Charges remain pending against three other individuals who were charged in the indictment for allegedly assisting Bellotti and Domash. Additional defendants may also face charges.

Judge Mellaci scheduled sentencing for Bellotti and Domash for July 13, and scheduled sentencing for Hernandez for April 5.

The investigation revealed that Domash, Bellotti and Hernandez falsified information about employment, earnings and bank account balances on mortgage loan applications so that home buyers could obtain loans for which they were not qualified. They also falsified U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) settlement forms.

The defendants submitted fraudulent loan applications and HUD documents between April 2006 and June 2007 to obtain mortgage loans in the following amounts for seven homes in these locations: Hillsborough ($540,000), Plainfield ($342,000), Marlboro ($339,150), Keansburg ($351,500), Asbury Park ($384,750), Asbury Park ($374,000), and Newark ($340,000).

The investigation revealed that Domash would find homeowners who were eager to sell, and then convince buyers to invest in the homes as income properties through his company, Diversified Assets, LLC. He had buyers sign blank loan applications, so he and other defendants could falsify the buyers’ personal financial information. Bellotti handled the closings for the home sales, performing separate closings with the buyers and sellers. The defendants inflated the sales prices for the properties and took out huge fees at closing from the loan proceeds. All of the homes ultimately fell into foreclosure, and some purchasers had their credit ruined.

Deputy Attorney General Noto presented the case to the state grand jury. The investigation was conducted and coordinated for the Division of Criminal Justice Financial & Computer Crimes Bureau by Detective Kimberly Allen, Deputy Attorney General Noto, and Supervising Deputy Attorney General Terrence Hull, Chief of the Financial & Computer Crimes Bureau.

Attorney General Chiesa and Director Taylor noted that the Division of Criminal Justice has established a toll-free tipline 1-866-TIPS-4CJ for the public to report corruption, financial fraud and other illegal activities. Additionally, the public can log on to the Division of Criminal Justice Web site at to report suspected wrongdoing. All information received through the Division of Criminal Justice tipline or Web page will remain confidential.


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